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Greek Wine & Beer

On & Off Wine & Beer Licenses

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Hugh Johnson’s quote: “If you have not yet discovered the quality & originality of Greek wines, now is the time to start, sets the tone of the indigenous rarity & taste of the Greek wines.”

Our selection includes only Greek indigenous grapes. Nikolas Karavias of Nickolas Imports & Elena Fotopoulos of Ampelaki wines, collaborated in our wine list that represents great taste versus price.

White Wine

White Wines


by Malamatina Family since 1895
500ml Bottle $14 

Authentic Greek Wine produced using exclusively Greek grapes Savatino & Roditis. The addition of pine resin during fermentation gives its distinct flavor & at same time allows fruity flavors of grape to be freed.


From Santorini, by Ariston Winery
Bottle 750ml $64 Glass $16

Native to the island with Assyrtiko grapes cultivated in Santorini for over 3,000 years. Refined with delicate fruity aromas of citrus, white fleshed fruits & flowers, invigorating acidity & mineral palate. 

Methea White 

by Vriniotis Winery
750ml Bottle $28 Glass $7

Aindani & Monemvasia grapes with aromatic character, gentle acidity & fine taste.

IAMA White

by Vriniotis Winery
750ml Bottle $36 $9

A blend of Malagousia & Assyrtiko grapes with bright lemon color, explosive aromas of apricot, bergamot, white fleshed peach & citrus fruit flavors.


by Archaia Clauss 
750ml Bottle $24 Glass $6

Greece's signature & most consumed wine with thousands of years of history. Owning its taste by sealing the barrels with Aleppo pine resin in ancient times.

Blanc De Noir

by Muscat of Tyrnavos
Bottle $20 Glass $5

The nose is full with intense, sweet flowery aromas mainly jasmine and hyacinth. Signs of peach & honey with caramel complement.


by Zacharioudakis
750ml Bottle $38 Glass:$10

A rare dry Cretan grape with assenting minerality & aromatic blend of vanilla, peach, citrus, & honey. 


by Zacharias
750ml Bottle $26 Glass $7

Bone dry wine with citrus aromas followed by mild saline & mineral flavors. Plump and delicious. Fruity and unadorned.

Ennea White

by 9 Muses
750ml Bottle $28 Glass $7

Gentle aroma of fresh cut apples & pears.


by Nasiakos
750ml Bottle $32 Glass $8

Peloponnese, Mantinia. A dry crisp white with notes of orange peel, lemon blossom & peach. Elegant & expressive, leading into waves of bitter lemon, minerals of stone fruit. 

Red Wine Glass

Red Wines


by Muses Estate 
750ml Bottle $44 Glass $11

Bold red, fruits, spices, aroma with mild tannins & pronounced acidity, developing over time. The very rare grape of Mouhtaro is grown exclusively in the area of askri in central greece. 

Ennea Red

by 9 Muses
750ml Bottle $28 Glass $7

Elegant & fruity. A delicate and pleasant finish.

Lexis Nemea

by Zacharias
750ml Bottle $44 Glass $11

A gem of Agiorgitiko grapes, with elements of concentrated cherries, violets & spice. 


by Xinomarvro
750ml Bottle $32 Glass $8

Aged in French oak for 18 months this is a brick red wine with spice & cherry scents along with pomegranate notes that elevates its taste.


by Vriniotis Winery
750ml Bottle $36 Glass $9

Rare Vradiano grape blended with Syrah creating an intense ruby color complex aroma of sour cherry, almond & spices. Soft palate & well structured tannins. 

Lexis M

by Zacharias
Bottle 48$ Glass $12

An expressive & juicy dry Mavrodaphne with the elements in the forbidden variety. Dense fruit, laurels, purple flowers & chocolate notes will fill up your senses. The perfect food wine. 


by Aidarini
750ml Bottle $40 Glass $10

Aged 12 months in French oak. This is a deep dark ruby, medium viscosity, spicy nose, array of dried fruits & flowers, prominent tannins, backbone & great finish. 


by Zacharioudakis 
750ml Bottle $44 Glass $11

Ruby color with brown & red hues, wild cherry, cinnamon apple & sweet spice.

Rose Wine Glass

Rose & Sweet 


by Achaia Clauss
Bottle $28 Glass $7

Full bodied red from Patras. It has a rich port like aroma with hints of coffee, toffee & spicy nuts richness, alongside raisin & black berry flavors, layered with smokey caramel tones.

St. George Rose

by Zacharias 
750ml Bottle $28 Glass $7

Poised, flinty, fresh & spicy, this wine starts with strawberry, raspberry & rhubarb aromas, followed by pert cherry flavors & a spicy finish. A marriage of juicy but dry complexity.

Cretan Liatsos

by Lirarakis
Bottle $60 Glass $15

Blend of Vidiano, Pluto, Dafni, Assyrtiko, Trapsathiri & Vilana grapes. This sweet wine of sun-dried grapes has concentrated juice of aromas. Caramelized apricots & herbs, followed by a bitter orange marmalade, which is balance by the wine's exceptional freshness. 

Greek Beer

Greek Beers

Vergina Lager


A lager brewed in accordance with Reinheitsgebot (German Beer Purity Law). An unfiltered strong & rich black beer. 

Vergina Black


When the art of roasting meets the world's best malts the result is Vergina black. Distinctive coffee & vanilla overtones, unfiltered & strong. 

Vergina Red


An aromatic amber lager made with Thracian specialty malts, with intense flavor & an exquisite amber color. Its fruity aroma blend reminds exotic fruits, blackberries & honey.

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