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Thelo GreekTM KuzinaTM

... a slice of Greece

Our Story

Thelo (I want) Greek is an open scratch kitchen with 30 seats in a cozy Greek taverna setting that mimics taverns in Greece w/An intimate ambiance.


Our menu &  flavors are personal, based on my origins, the formative years growing up in Greece, travels, exposure to international foods & the great chefs in my US restaurants.


The menu includes my interpetation of regional dishes alongside the unparalleled Greek street food. Note that our prices are based on the quality of the ingredients we use & not what the market will bear commited to a 4 Star Value 



When in Alexandria hungry or curious visit our 

family owned: Bread & Water Bakery in Belle View plaza or the Beeliner Diner in Bradley shopping center 

When in any of Washington's  professional stadiums taste the famous Bun Papa sandwiches in the best French Brioche Bun you ever tasted 

alongside food...

All of us are getting questionnaires from every gallop source listing many issues and candidates running for a political office. As I am an independent voter my most important answer and the foundation of any free society is the RIGHT TO VOTE. In every democratic country in the world the voters get what they deserve and that is the premise of a democracy, followed by a blind justice, regardless the money, fame and position.

In closing the issue is a great subject when eating with family and friends.

Yannis .... an independent 

Ps: American democracy is priceless and deserves support and vigilance ...the ones that do not get it deserve the results ... We Do Not 

New Menu Items

new Items collage.png

New Items (Available for Dine-in & by phone)
Horta Rimini Wild Greens: Side order $8

Mixed Plate Appetizer: w/Feta, olives, eggplant salad, 

2 dolmathes & 2 spanakotiropita $22
Giant Large Wild Shrimp, Shell on: Sauteed w/Cherry tomatoes, garlic, wine & herbs over rice pilafi $26

Giant Grilled Wild Shrimp  Platter, Shell-on 10 psc $28

Grilled Wild Aegean Red Snapper (Lythrini ) 20oz, $28

w/Rimini (Horta) wild greens 

Grilled Langostinos Plate, w/Spanakorizo, 2 Pieces $55
Grilled Meat Platter two of Each: Spring Lamb Chops, 

Center Cut Pork Chops, Greek Loukaniko Sausages, Lamb & Beef Biftekia & Chicken Wings. Serves 3-5    $60

Souvlakia (Skewers) Platter: 2 of Each Souvlakia:
Lamb, NY Steak, Chicken Thighs & Shrimp. $60

Rack of Spring Lamb Chops: w/Oven Potatoes 8 pieces $60

new Items collage (4).png

Lunch specials

 Best Damn Gyros Lunch Deals


(Tuesday) *** Classic Pork Gyro *** : $9

Pork bellies & tenderloin, onions, tomatoes & yogurt sauce.

(Wednesday) Chicken Souvlaki Gyro:  $7

Chicken thigh, onions, tomatoes & yogurt sauce.

(Thursday) *** Lamb Gyro ***:  $12

Halal Lamb, onions, tomatoes & tzatziki.

(Friday) Bifteki Gyro:  $9

Ground Lamb&Beef, onions, tomatoes, hot peppers & tzatziki.

**Add Thelo's Chips for $2**

Greek Comfort Plates

new Items collage (5).png

Dinner Specials, 5-9pm, $15

Yanni's Meatballs w/Olives: in a spicy tomato sauce over pasta or Cretan rice.

V Vegetarian Moussaka: Layers of yogurt bechamel in herbed, spiced wine tomato sauce, grilled eggplant, zucchini & potatoes. Served with oven potatoes. 

Pastichio: Layers of yogurt bechamel, ground veal Misko pasta in herbed, spiced wine tomato sauce. Served with string beans. 

**Add Side Salad for $3**

Michelle D.

“Wish I could give this place 10 stars!"

David B.

"I grew up in New York and had the "best" greek food in America in Astoria, Queens. Thelo Greek Kuzina is better than any of them"

Marko P.

“Best. Damn. Gyros... and Staff! I LOVE THIS PLACE!”
PRO TIP: Introduce yourself to the owner!"

Mary Ann M.

"It was the most delicious lunch ever. People loved it and I think you will have some new customers. (My favorite was the grape leaves & shrimp)"

Dining - Takeout - Delivery 

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