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Our Story

Thelo (I want) Greek is an open scratch kitchen with 30 seats in a cozy Greek taverna setting that mimics taverns in Greece and offers an intimate ambiance.


Our menu and flavors are personal, based on my origins, the formative years growing up in Greece, travels, exposure to international foods and the great chefs in my US restaurants.


The menu includes classic regional dishes alongside the unparalleled Greek Street food. Our prices are based on the quality of the ingredients we use aiming on a 4 Star Value and not the competition’s. Yannis


America is the place that people came running away from inhuman and intolerable
events, corrupt rulers, invaders and even religion. The country has been build by immigrants 
from the world over and contrary to many it is not and never been an island. The country's core values are it's constitution, freedom of religion and a judicial system that allows NO ONE TO BE ABOVE THE LAW. At this time externally we are involved in Europe and the Middle East both far away but based on historical events and the origins of many Americans it is residing inside our culture, feelings, relations and geopolitical realities and obligations. Currently Internally we have damaged the oath to the constitution and to our faith, allowing the enemies from within to take over. So lets think on what unites us, pray to our faith, plan and execute before it's too late. 


Ps: America was and is my choice  


11am to 3pm

Add Thelo’s Chips for $2


Best Damn Pork Gyro $9 

Pork bellies & tenderloin with yogurt dill, olive oil, onions & tomatoes



Best Damn Lamb Gyro $12 

Halal leg of Lamb with herbs, spices & no fillers

Michelin Star level .. if they gave stars for ..Gyro


 Bifteki Sandwich $9

Ground Lamb & Beef in a Pita with Onions, tomatoes, hot peppers &  tzatziki 


Thelo’s Steak & Cheese $9

Beef brisket, Kasseri cheese, lettuce, grilled onions & yogurt dill sauce in grilled pita    





Greek Comfort Plates $15 

Every Night



Meatballs from Smirni in spicy tomato sauce over Cretan rice

Vegetarian Moussaka

Layers of yogurt bechamel in herbed, spiced wine tomato sauce, grilled eggplant, zucchini & potatoes. Served with oven potatoes   


  Layers of yogurt, bechamel, ground veal Misko pasta in herbed, spiced wine tomato sauce, and a side of string beans   

Stuffed Tomatoes & Peppers

Stuffed with Rice, Corinthian pine nuts, raisins, and a side of string beans 

**Add side salad for $3

New Menu Items

New Items (Available for Dine-in & by phone)
Mixed Plate Appetizer: 
w/Feta, olives, eggplant salad, 

2 dolmathes & 2 spanakotiropita $22
Extra Large Wild Shrimp: sauteed w/Cherry tomatoes, garlic, wine & herbs over rice pilafi $26
Grilled Meat Platter two of Each: Spring Lamb Chops, 

Center Cut Pork Chops, Greek Loukaniko Sausages, Lamb & Beef Biftekia & Chicken Wings. Serves 3-5. $60

Souvlakia (Skewers) Platter: 2 of Each Souvlakia:
Lamb, NY Steak, Chicken Thighs & Shrimp. $60

Rack of Spring Lamb Chops: 8 pieces $56
Pides: 10 centuries prior to pizza.
View our Pizza Menu at

Michelle D.

“Wish I could give this place 10 stars!"

David B.

"I grew up in New York and had the "best" greek food in America in Astoria, Queens. Thelo Greek Kuzina is better than any of them"

Marko P.

“Best. Damn. Gyros... and Staff! I LOVE THIS PLACE!”
PRO TIP: Introduce yourself to the owner!"

Dining - Takeout - Delivery 

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